5 Films to inspire your job search

We all need a bit of inspiration sometimes and we often find it in the cinema. Here are some films that are guaranteed to give your job search a boost.
The power of a compelling vision
Create a powerful, tangible vision of your perfect future in your head and imagine placing it in the future – its magnetism will pull you towards it.
Not sure about this? Then take a look at ‘Man on Wire’. Early in the film we see the young Philippe Petit, about 9 years old, sitting in the Dentist’s waiting room reading a magazine. He is gripped by an article describing the plans to build The World Trade Centre in New York and he vows to himself that he will one day walk on a high wire between the twin towers. Bear in mind he is 9 years old and the buildings don’t even exist. Watch the film to see how his story unfolds. This is a true story – Philippe Petit is a real person.
Finding and being your true self
If you are going to fully express yourself and fulfil your true potential, you need to know how to ‘be’ in the world. Sounds easy doesn’t it but how many people in our lives are trying to mould us into the person they think we should be? Parents, teachers, peer groups, colleagues, careers advisers – mostly with good intentions but often misguided.
John Keating, Robin Williams’ character in ‘Dead Poets Society’ is determined to empower the boys in his English class to find themselves and be the people they are truly capable of being. In a poetry class he introduces them to Dr. J. Evans Pritchard’s method of evaluating a poem based on 2 dimensions, its perfection and importance. He introduces this concept to the boys and lets them experiment with the approach. He, of course, is horrified at Dr J Evans Pritchard’s utilitarian formula for assigning a number to something as subtle and elusive as poetry and he tells the class to rip the page from the book. This flagrant rebellion against authority embeds the idea that the boys can, and should, always think for themselves.
Having belief in yourself
Wouldn’t it be great if once you had used the power of independent thought to develop a vivid, touchable dream everything just fell neatly into place. Life often isn’t that straightforward and this is when you need all your courage, ingenuity, energy and self belief to make the dream a reality.
In ‘The Pursuit of Happyness’ Will Smith, as Chris Gardner, has to make a superhuman effort to overcome a catalogue of enormous challenges, including the breakdown of his relationship and losing his home, to make a success of his new career as a broker. Through willpower, unshakeable self belief and a refusal to give up against all the odds he eventually manages to stabilise his life and build a secure future for him and his son. This is also a true story – Chris Gardner is a real person.
Helping others
One of the most important things you can do to advance your job search is to be as helpful and supportive as possible to those around you. Firstly this will make you feel great, pretty good in its own right, but you will also find that the more good things you do for others the more good things will happen to you. It’s called reciprocity.
In ‘Pay it Forward’ Haley Joel Osment, playing 11 year old Trevor McKinney, is inspired by his teacher’s suggestion for a social studies assignment – ‘Think of an idea to change our world, and put it into action’. His idea is to reverse the concept of ‘paying back’ a good deed and ‘pay it forward’ instead to 3 other people. The maths, which operates like a positive model of pyramid selling, creates a tidal wave of good deeds that eventually returns to positively influence his family.
Taking action
Ultimately if you are going to turn your dream into reality you will have to take action. But it doesn’t have to be a huge leap, small but frequent steps in the right direction get you on the way to your goal and help to build momentum.
In ‘Touching the Void’, Joe Simpson, while attempting to scale Siula Grande in the Peruvian Andes suffers a horrifying series of disasters that result in him lying precariously on a ledge in a crevasse with a badly broken leg, no supplies and 5 miles from base camp. His situation looks hopeless and he expects to die, but nonetheless he focuses all his energies on taking a small, agonising step towards base camp. And then another. And another. And eventually those small steps accumulate and he achieves what could only be described by any sane person as The Impossible. Once again this is a true story – Joe Simpson is a real person.
We don’t know until we have to look deep inside ourselves what we are truly capable of – these films help to remind us of that.
One final thought – Be the best you can be; if you don’t it’s not only you that loses, we all lose. The world deserves to see you at your vibrant best.

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